20131111JessicaArdis074After a winding route which included genetics and neuroscience research, oriental rug sales, and figure skating, I found my way to yoga.  Yoga is my passion and teaching is my dharma.  I am trained in vinyasa, yin, restorative, Anusara, and yoga nidra. I continue to deepen my yoga studies every chance I get.

I am so lucky to call these luminous beings my teachers: Lilavati, Zhenja LaRosa, Justicia DeClue, Douglas Brooks, and Rebecca Hooper.  I am eternally grateful to the beautiful Victoria Ladd for teaching me harmonium, and to Mukti (Michael Buck) for inducting me into the magical art of Vedic Thai Yoga Massage.

My style is gentle yet precise, with a focus on alignment.  I adore chanting with harmonium, and I include this in my classes whenever possible.  Yoga is not just about strengthening and stretching the body; it is about realizing that we are all radiant, infinite, primordial fires of truth, bliss, consciousness, bhakti, mukti, tranquility!

Om shanti!

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