Thai for Two: A Valentine’s Partner Workshop

woman pressing feet into thigh of thai massage receiver

For Valentine’s Day, you could give your loved one a box of chocolates (tasty but not necessarily healthful), flowers (pretty but then they decay), or a Thai Yoga Massage.  There are few gifts more wonderful to receive than the gift of soothing, healing touch.  I am teaching a Thai for Two workshop this Saturday at Wake Up Yoga South from 2-5 pm.  No previous bodywork experience is necessary.  I will guide you through a head-to-toes Thai yoga massage sequence that you will perform on your partner.  Then, you will trade places and it will be your turn to receive the same sequence.  The workshop includes a handout with pictures of each technique that you can use at home to practice.

Thai yoga massage is an ancient practice that has been used in homes throughout Thailand for centuries.  It includes stretches, compression, and percussion.  The receiver is clothed and lying on a comfortable cushion on the floor.  Benefits are numerous, from improved digestion and immune function, stress relief, better sleep, a general sense of well-being, and deep relaxation.

This workshop is not limited to romantic partners.  Parents and children, siblings, and dear friends are also welcome to participate.

Cost of workshop is $54 per person. To register, please click here.