Soothing the Senses Workshop on Dec 5

woman receiving thai yoga massage

I went to Home Depot last week and shielded my eyes when I saw the artificial Christmas trees already on display in October.  It was the first reminder that sure as Daylight Savings Time has ended and home heating bills will begin to skyrocket, the holiday season is fast approaching. Some of you may say, “Oh joy! I love running around doing all that extra cooking, cleaning, shopping, socializing and travel!”  As Yogasutra 1.33 recommends, I feel happy that you are happy.

Others may not marshal quite as much enthusiasm for the holiday season. For you, I’m happy to announce that my dear friend Stephanie Rodigas and I are once again offering our popular “Soothing the Senses” workshop.  We designed this workshop because we believe it is important to care for yourself at this very busy time of year.

We are offering two sessions on Saturday Dec 5 at Prana House Yoga in Haverford. Space is limited to 6 persons per session, so if you are interested, it’s a good idea to register early.

Below you will find a description of the workshop. Hope to see you there!

“In a season of so much giving, take time to receive.  This two-hour workshop is a unique opportunity to experience rejuvenation via all five senses.  To begin, we wash your feet with warm herbal-infused water. Next we anoint you with a selection of pure essential oils followed by a soothing Thai massage sequence.  Soft music and candlelight enhance the restorative nature of this experience.  Finally we wrap your head in a warm towel, as you drift into the soothing sounds of singing bowls and gentle chimes.  The session concludes with calming tea and a delectable Ayurvedic treat. It is our hope that you leave with a renewed sense of beauty and wellness.”